Bob George – 90 Years Young!


Celebrating 90 years is a lot of fun for sure. Yesterday was my Dad’s 90th birthday. It is a great thrill to have him here in Ontario with us for that  very special time. The last time I had a birthday with him – he turned 80. Catherinanne has never had the opportunity to celebrate Dad’s birthday with him.


Yesterday, Catherinanne and I had some business to do in London so Mom and Dad travelled with us. It meant that dad started his day with a blessing from Bishop Howe – Bishop of the Diocese of Huron. Bishop Bennett our Suffergan Bishop also came to wish him well. The entire staff of the Synod office of the Diocese of Huron signed a card for him wishing him a Happy 90th . It really meant a lot to him. From there we had lunch with Catherinanne’s Mom and McGuiness Landing in London. The young waitress, when she learned it was Dad’s 90th, left the restaurant and purchased a card. When the staff of the restaurant cane and sang happy birthday with his free dessert, they had a card from the staff of McGuiness Landing. It was a really nice touch and we all were very pleased. This of course all after a fantastic meal there.


When we came home we had planned a fish and chip birthday dinner. Pat and Hanks fish and chips was as good as ever. Steve and Sandy, our neighbours along with Kevin Miller joined us as we had fish with the 90 year old. We ended dinner with happy birthday – participation from Roger in Newfoundland on the speaker phone, as well as Darryl on the web cam was an extra touch of fun.


The whole night wrapped up with a couple of games of 120s an East Coast card game that both Mom and Dad love playing. The women beat the men twice. That prompted Dad to say of Steve and I – “I think they are the worst partners I have had in my life!” If you consider he started play 120s when he was about 10 – that means in 80 years of partners Steve and I were the worst. Is there a prize for such an honour?


All in All Dad had a great day – but tonight will be the real treat. The parish has planned a Newfoundland Kitchen Party in Dad honour. It is a potluck supper with entertainment by some of the great parish singers. It starts at 7 and will end when the last person leaves the floor. We are all looking forward to a great time.


Dad also received a great poem from the family yesterday. I’ll print it below!


90 years ago a boy was born
On Georges hill to Charles and Ann.
This fine boy grew up to be
A very loving fine young man.
He went to work in the lumber woods
Where he found the true love of his life.
Vivian Whyatt as she was known
Came to Whiteway to be his wife.
The lumber woods became a thing of the past
And the Dept of Highways was his job.
Little did he know that from that time on
Being alone was not for Bob.
There was James, Helen, Elaine and Lloyd
Then came Robert in ’64.
Darryl came next and Kevin was last
And at 55 Bob said “No More.
Years went by and grand-children came
Twelve so far as of today!
Thirteen greats has broadened the clan..
And I will tell you now there is more on the way.
We all get together at the house on the hill
To hear an old story about years gone by.
And it is that old house that is filled with love..
It is there that we argue, we laugh and we cry.
Well Dad it is your 90th, what a blessing it is
We want to tell you that you are loved very much
And we bring you this greeting
From your whole crazy bunch.


Millions of loves and kisses

James & Clara, Helen & Gary, Elaine & Jack, Lloyd & Jackie

Robert & Joanne, Darryl & Karen, Kevin & Catherinanne

Roger, Debbie, Lauren & Leanne, Sherrie, Sheldon, Vanessa and Brent,

Angie, Robbie & Samantha, John, Sandra, William and Peter, Jason, Kristin & Gabrielle,

Gary, Annette, Leah, Becky & Andrea, Jennifer, Chad & Joy

Christopher, Jennifer & Tyler, Adam, Lisa & Ryan

Jessica, Matthew and Sarah.

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