Sunday with the George’s

The last two days have been fun filled for sure. We went to Toronto on Saturday to get Mom and Dad. They arrived at 7:40 AM – it meant leaving London at 4:30 AM – (They were scheduled for 7:15 AM). So I found that traffic is really not that bad on early Saturday mornings. I brought along a wig and dark glasses for the trip. When Mom and Dad arrived I sat off to the side in the get up. (Interestingly, no one looked at me twice looking like a fool – I was in the wig and glasses for half an hour – Toronto seemed to think it not unusual at all). Catherinanne went and greeted them and told them I was in the bathroom and that they were to meet me right where I was sitting. She brought them to me and they sat right behind me with not idea that it was me. After a few moments I turned and tapped Dad on the shoulder and asked if he had the time. They were a little taken aback and then realized it was me. We had a laugh or two. Mom laughed more later when she admitted that she thought I may have about to ask for money.  We made it back and had ourselves great naps on Saturday afternoon.  


Everyone was excited on Sunday to see them. Lots of hugs and kisses all around. It was good to have Mom and Dad at church and to see so many people excited to see them. Many thanks to all of you who made them feel so welcomed. The afternoon was terrific as we went to see “No Sex Please We’re British.” It was excellent – and well performed by Nickki Adams and Vic Green and oddly enough a young man who used to live in Whiteway. It was so much fun. Dad laughed so hard as did Mom. We were there with our neighbours Steve and Sand and Geoff and Margaret Dibbs and Amanda Dibbs. Lynne and Dave Hornby turned up as well and it was a good ‘old St. Mark’s time. Especially since the parish and the vicar – yours truly turned up n the dialogue of the play.


We will have to se what today holds in store. We are going to a fundraising dinner tonight at La Cucina Ristoronte. All proceeds assist the people of Renosa Mexico. It will be fun having Mom and Dad at a good Italian Restaurant! Stay tuned !!!

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