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Patience – Concussion – part 5

Catherinanne here, for Kevin.  It has been a good, but difficult day.  We are grateful for the small surprises and joys that continue to bear us up in the midst of this, and for the care and concern you have... Continue Reading →

The Dreamer – Concussion – part 4

Catherinanne here, for Kevin.  Kevin has had so many difficult days, and so many sleepless nights.  Knowing this, I am always afraid I will wake him, or that someone else (unknowingly) might.  Today, of course, Microsoft took over the laptop... Continue Reading →

Little Disciples – Concussion – part 3

Hello from guest blogger, Catherinanne, after a full day and a busy weekend.  Thankfully, a great deal was accomplished for work while at the same time managing to be present to Kevin when he was not resting.  It was a... Continue Reading →

Concussion – part 2

...a Guest Blogger ...and a Blog from Kevin It has been quite the week.  There is plenty to share of Kevin’s journey, but I will leave that to him.  After we last wrote, I got Kevin’s car hopelessly stuck in... Continue Reading →


Dear Friends. This past week I took a fall while skating, and suffered a concussion.  I was wearing a helmet.  I have been under the tender loving care of "Nurse" Catherinanne.  I am grateful for the quick action and support... Continue Reading →

Tibbs’ Eve

I'm inviting you to come by St Aidan's and partake of a Newfoundland tradition - 23 Dec from 1-4 pm. - THAT's TODAY With help from Doug Wilson-Hodge, I HAVE planned a Tibb’s eve drop in PARTY! There will be... Continue Reading →

The Crucifix and Magnificat Mary

I was recently asked why we have a crucifix in the church. The simple and short answer is… Good Friday! The long answer became was Sunday's homily that I will post below. The particular crucifix we have hanging at St... Continue Reading →

Me and Magnificat Mary

Magnificat Mary is having a tremendous impact on my Advent observance. My original post was a bit tongue in cheek, and a bit of a call to try and find another way to mark Advent as a season set apart... Continue Reading →

Ever-Greening Love

Terra Viriditatem Sudat - the earth sweats out green things growing - –  Hildegard von Bingen Last night I was pleased to join #MagnificatMary and Peter, Vicky and Bjarne Andersen as we greened the front entrance of St Aidan's. It was... Continue Reading →

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