And a good time was had by all!

 Last night was terrific. It was a great celebration for a great man. I think I can say that Dad thoroughly enjoyed his birthday party. About 120 people cane out. Many thanks to Christian Paulton, Bob Cooper and John Simpson for the great entertainment. It was good fun. I certainly enjoyed telling stories and making folks laugh. It was also great to hear all of the kids up singing after the formal stuff – singing Green Day, The Beatles and much, much more.

 Dad and Mom were overwhelmed with the love and attention they were given by so many people. Dad could not believe the number of cards and well wishes he received. Our friends Grace and Pat Sweeney came down from London for the event. I was really pleased That MP for Windsor-Tecumseh Joe Comartin changed his busy schedule to be back from Ottawa for dad’s birthday and brought official greetings from the Governor General and the Prime Minister of Canada.

 We had lots of fun last night. God has blessed us with a wonderful parish. I am really so grateful for all of the love and support that I know in this parish. Not every place would go so out of the way for a family event. This is Dad and Mom’s 8th trip to this area. They have felt welcomed as a part of this community on each and every occasion. The love and care that was poured out last night was wonderful. Thank you all so much.

Dad is not a public speaker – he gave all of that to me. If he were he would have got up to the microphone last night and said something like this;

 “I can’t believe how good you all are. Thank you for everything. You have done far more than you should have. We really feel like you are family and we look forward to spending time with you all each year. Thanks a million.”

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