Golf can be great fun, especially when you are playing with fun folks. Yestrday was our parish golf outing. The parish has been having this event for nearly 10 years in the name of Cliff Musson who was a parishioners at St. Mark’s who just loved golf.


We had a great afternoon and thanks be to God it never really rained…a little drizzle halfway through – but we made it! Many thanks to Bud Piercell for his organizing of the event.


Our group was John Blair, Al Oakley, Catherinanne and Myself. We had the distinct honour of having the worst score – but I would argue – the Most Fun and certainly the most honest score. Catherinanne was out for only the second time and she thoroughly enjoyed herself – as did the three of us, watching her learn form the three of us,  who are… well…..let’s just say it may be a case of the blind leading the blind!


Catherinanne and I really enjoyed playing golf together and we were thrilled to have time with Al and John. Thanks guys for a great day. We finished the day with a steak dinner at Hydeway Golf Course – served by Col. Mustard’s Last Stand! It was great. In all we had 40 people for dinner as some came to join us in the feast.


I can’t wait till next year!