Visiting the Nursing Home

Today we visited the nursing home here in  Tecumseh. It was a good visit. Once a month myself or Geoff see celebrate a Eucharist at three different nursing homes. We always have some folks from the parish come along. Today Gloria and Rose Marie joined me and we were able to hopefully brighten someone’s day. Thanks so much to the both of you for attending.


As a community we are called to be present with all who are feeling broken or alone. This outreach of the church is an important one as it brings a great sense of comfort to all who attend. There is a real sense of peace and joy in the eyes of those who receive the sacrament. I never leave the nursing home feeling worse than when I arrived. The residents have a way of bringing joy in what they do and say.


May we always remember to be present to those who have done so much in the generations before us.


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