Allyson Hornby – Happy Birthday and Many Happy returns

Allyson Hornby is a great young disciple and a product of good ministry at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake (Not to mention sound parenting by Dave and Lynne Hornby)! This weekend is the last for a while for Allyson in the parish as she endeavours off to Queen’s University next week. We will no doubt be missing her so much.


Tonight her family had a party for her – a birthday and a going away party. It was so good to see that so many of those who were there were people from her parish family. Allyson has been in the choir from a very young age and has had  great impact on many people in the church. She knows that she is always welcomed when she returns to the parish.


Thanks so much Lynne an Dave and Chris for throwing her such a great party and for making us a part of it.


Allyson – you are a special young woman with great intelligence and strong faith. You will go far in life. Thank you for all of your discipleship and for being such a bright light in the parish of St. Mark’s by-the-Lake. We all love you and we look forward to your many returns to the church. Please remember us while you are away and know that there is a community that prays for you. God’s Speed!

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