This is the Feast of the Victory of our God

Easter is wonderful! Last nights Easter vigil was amazing. There was good attendance and a wonderful sense of worship and celebration. I was pleased to have The Rev’d Sue Paulton join us in the liturgy. She added a special dignity to the service. She is a gifted and joyful priest, thanks you Sue for being with us. I was most impressed with our servers. We had 5 turn out and they were resplendent ion their gowns and they too brought a great sense of worship and joy to our celebration. Thanks so much guys. (All of last night’s festivities can be seen in the photo section – Great Easter Vigil)


I am so excited for today as well. While on many Sunday’s here we are full we can expect that we will be full to beyond capacity. This is great witness not just of the growth in this parish, it is also is witness to he the great mystery of Easter. It is an acceptance and acknowledgement of moment that defines us as a people. In this celebration we are again made aware that darkness does not win. This is the feast of the victory of our God. Death will not have dominion over us.


T minus 30 minutes. Count down to a wonderful and joyous celebration.



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