The Great Easter Vigil – The Super Bowl of the Church’s Year


What a difference a day can make. Today I was witness and participant as we transformed the church from a dark tomb to a fragrant, vibrant, colour-filled garden of resurrection and new life.


The ladies of the chancel guild descended on the place at about 3:30 PM and have worked tirelessly since. In fact congratulations go to Marion Hinton and Holly Perrault who are still in there working at this very minute – 6:30 PM. We all have come to expect it from Marion but we must give great congratulations to Holly who has recently joined the chancel guild and already is doing yeoman’s duty. These able servants were not alone today. Jacqueline Shamess, Bev Watson, Pam Black, Gloria Zeman, and Ed Shamess and Matt Black all had a hand in bring our liturgical space back to life.


It is great to see the liturgical hangings back in the church, the brass back on the altar, banners unfurled again, all of the “holy hardware” back in its usual place. Wonderful to see fresh plants outside the church, the purpose sash removed from the cross outside and replaced with the white of Easter. The place looks magnificent and I cannot wait until 9 PM when by darkness we will begin outside and bring the church back to life slowly, introducing light, and music and celebration after our three day journey in darkness.


Tonight’s liturgy is for me the Super Bowl of the churches year. That being said…I need to go get psyched for the big game!

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