A Great Easter Day

A Great Easter Day


I begin today with a math word problem for Mark Charlton, and all of the kids in math classes out there. Here goes;


An Anglican Priest takes up walking for a Lenten discipline. In his 40 day observance he walks an average of 6 kilometres per day. Because of rain and fatigue the priest did not walk on 4 days of lent. At the end of his Lenten observance the priest weighs 18 pounds less than when he started.

a)      How many kilometres did the priest walk in lent?

b)     How many pounds did he loose per week?                      

c)       How many pounds did he loose per kilometre?

d)     BONUS QUESTION – Using map quest or Google – If the priest walked daily the 6 kilometres, beginning in Windsor, could the priest have reached London Ontario by the end of Lent?



Church was wonderful again yesterday. It is always so exciting to see so many out whom we cannot always see week to week. You can see in the photo section that there was a lot of joy and celebration yesterday at St. Mark’s by-the-Lake. It is always fun to see the excitement the kids have at releasing balloons at then of church to the words, “the Lord is risen indeed, alleluia.” Also wonderful is the music – we have the most wonderful choir and the best music director. The music throughout lent and holy week was fantastic and Easter was no exception. The church looked so wonderful. The chancel guild worked so hard to make the place so beautiful. Great jog ladies. I also threw an egg into the air and caught it in a bowl. People were aghast thinking it was going to make a mess, but alas it was hard boiled. The point being “Things are not always as they seem.” Mary Magdelene and the other women were surprised upon their arrival at the tomb. They were going there to perform the anointing ritual. They were given a great surprise. Things are not always what they seem. My favourite part was when the egg was at top height and everyone went “aaahhhh.” At that point I knew I had them.  It was a great day at church.


We also enjoyed spending some good time with Alanah, our God daughter, to celebrate her birthday. She is so very precious and we had a great visit with her and Connor, Zachery, and their Mom and Dad, Scott and Rae Anne. Alanah’s birthday is the day before mine and we will always share our birthdays. This year I won’t be able to see her on her birthday so we were gald to have some time with her yesterday. We love you Alanah.


Yesterday Catherinanne gave me a great surprise for my birthday. I am a big (well …I’m getting smaller) Montreal Canadiens fans many of you know. I had a couple of great hockey cards that I have been wanted to do something with. One is a signed Maurice Richard, and another is a Signed Michael Ryder who is a Newfoundlander who is the leader scorer on the team right now. She had them framed for me with a set of Collector coins that are in a folder showing all of Montreal’s Stanley cup victories – ore than any other NHL team. It really is wonderful and it means a lot to me. I am luck to have someone who cares so much to get something like that done for me. Thanks love for the surprise. I am also thankful for the great way which she did it. We are at The Crouse’s for dinner and it was hanging on their wall during dinner. We had a great time with Steve and Sandy, Dan and Abby, Melanie and of course Kaylee and Lenny. If you ever get a chance to play Cranium – go for it. We had a blast at it last night. I had the weakest egg.


We are so grateful for the good fortune of having the friends and family that we have. I can say with conviction that I have loved every minute of my Lenten journey, holy week and now Easter.

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  1. I\’ll attempt to answer your Math Problems…
    a. The preist walked 216 km during Lent
    b. He lost an average of 3.15lbs per week during Lent
    c. He lost 0.0833333 lbs per kilometre
    Bonus Question… From the Centre of Windsor to the centre of London it is 204.5 kms.  It is possible for the preist to walk from Windsor, Ontario to London, Ontario, although if he were to walk along the highway (which is the fastest and least km) he is running the risk of being stopped by the mighty OPP!

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