…a Guest Blogger …and a Blog from Kevin

It has been quite the week.  There is plenty to share of Kevin’s journey, but I will leave that to him.  After we last wrote, I got Kevin’s car hopelessly stuck in the foot of the drive.  I almost made it free to the road, but no such luck.  I am more grateful than I can ever say to Doug, who was coming around the curve as it happened, to our friend Mike, and to Morgan, who came to our assistance.  It took an hour to release the car from its snow prison, and that seemed to be forever in the minus 22 weather with the heaviest snow I have ever encountered!  I ended up sick that night, but am on the mend.  I am so grateful to those who have been praying for us.  Your prayers have been working – for Kevin –  and for me.

I have learned a lot from Kevin this past week.  What seemed like a lifetime to us removing a car in the cold, seems unbelievably longer still to Kevin.  I know he wishes he could be released from his time in “concussion captivity” so “quickly”!  These moments to him seem like an eternity.  I am so proud of him for the way he is taking them in stride, following his protocols, resting and sleeping (so necessary for healing), trying to do everything needed to heal, and yet still making a difference through his prayer and reflection – as you will see yourself in his own words.  Kevin has taken time to handwrite a blog for you, and I know you will be as moved by it as I was when I read it:

“Dear Friends,

It has been a little over a week since I have been shut down.  The days are long and require patience.  I confess that patience is not one of my strongest attributes.  This time is instructive in the disciplines of patience and of solitude.  What does one do to eat up the long hours?  Sleep…sometimes for long periods – Listen to audiobooks…and, may I say, Fire & Fury does not disappoint – Listen to podcasts of favourite CBC programs and CNN programs too.  I have also taken up a new form of blogging… they call it journalling.

In the past seven days or so, progress has been slow, but there is a small measure of progress.  This process has been helped immensely by the love and support given me by so many of you, near and far.  Thank you for your Love and your support.  I can feel your prayers, and your help in feeding us has been remarkable – and the food, Delicious.  Catherinanne has her hands full and the meals have been appreciated more than you will ever know.

The long days have provided opportunity for prayer.  As you have been praying for me, I have been praying for you and for others who so desperately need prayer.  It is clear to me that it will take some time to get back to full speed.  While I am not happy about the snail’s pace of recovery, I am grateful for the measure of progress that I feel to this day.

My thanks again to Anne, Todd, and Greg, for seeing to liturgical leadership in my absence.  I look forward to seeing you as soon as it is possible…

Let me add this…

I have taken up colouring to help pass the hours.  Here is my work from yesterday.

And here are some words I wrote reflecting on it…

Balloons are not very happy when grounded.  Lifeless and one dimensional when laying on the ground, they are a sad assortment of fabric, wicker, and gas.

Adding the flame of life – they Rise!  They take on all the beauty that was made into them by their Creator.  From crumpled and lifeless heaps, they are transformed… even transfigured.

It is no surprise to the keen observer that those who walk among us, crumpled and tethered down, cry out for the fire necessary to fly… to be transfigured…

The Creator has fashioned something beautiful…something that is meant to soar…

Let us bring the breath of God – the Fire of Love – to set people aloft.