Dear Friends.

This past week I took a fall while skating, and suffered a concussion.  I was wearing a helmet.  I have been under the tender loving care of “Nurse” Catherinanne.  I am grateful for the quick action and support of our Parish Nurse, Pat Ferguson, his wife Nurse Karen, and Doctor Kyle Carter, and, please God, I am slowly on the mend.  The doctor has deemed me unfit for work for 2 weeks, to be reevaluated closer to the 22nd.

This is a busy time of year.  Vestry is upon us very soon and it is a stress to not be able to work in preparation for our annual meeting.  The wardens and parish council have worked hard all year and are working hard now to keep things moving forward.  Anne Jaikaran, Todd Townshend, and Greg Smith are, as always, generous in spirit and ready to step up and provide pastoral and liturgical leadership.

Please keep me in your prayers over the next while.  I have tried to be diligent with the screens, but as you can imagine it is very difficult to turn one’s brain off!  I am at home in a darkened room, sunglasses on, no books, no TV, no screens, and really no fun.  But I have been given time to pray and to give thanks… so I will do just that.  Please also pray for Catherinanne – She needs to be given additional patience to deal with the patient – and perhaps some added strength to deal with all the tasks at hand.  She has been a Godsend – right down to posting this, “her” first blog.

In the meme above, imagine stylish sunglasses – from Optometrists on Colborne – on the frog, and you may be able to picture Kevin… He is wishing for the sunlight in that image!