Dear Friends.

This past week I took a fall while skating, and suffered a concussion.  I was wearing a helmet.  I have been under the tender loving care of “Nurse” Catherinanne.  I am grateful for the quick action and support of our Parish Nurse, Pat Ferguson, his wife Nurse Karen, and Doctor Kyle Carter, and, please God, I am slowly on the mend.  The doctor has deemed me unfit for work for 2 weeks, to be reevaluated closer to the 22nd.

This is a busy time of year.  Vestry is upon us very soon and it is a stress to not be able to work in preparation for our annual meeting.  The wardens and parish council have worked hard all year and are working hard now to keep things moving forward.  Anne Jaikaran, Todd Townshend, and Greg Smith are, as always, generous in spirit and ready to step up and provide pastoral and liturgical leadership.

Please keep me in your prayers over the next while.  I have tried to be diligent with the screens, but as you can imagine it is very difficult to turn one’s brain off!  I am at home in a darkened room, sunglasses on, no books, no TV, no screens, and really no fun.  But I have been given time to pray and to give thanks… so I will do just that.  Please also pray for Catherinanne – She needs to be given additional patience to deal with the patient – and perhaps some added strength to deal with all the tasks at hand.  She has been a Godsend – right down to posting this, “her” first blog.

In the meme above, imagine stylish sunglasses – from Optometrists on Colborne – on the frog, and you may be able to picture Kevin… He is wishing for the sunlight in that image!

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  1. Oh no Kevin…take the time you need to heal…it is a hard thing to do being off screens they have become such a big part of our lives…..books on cd’s are a great way to entertain yourself…check out the library or ask someone to go for you.

    I will be holding you and especially Catherinanne in my special thoughts & prayers.

  2. Our prayers and thoughts are with you Kevin and Catherinanne also… God Speed with your recovery…. from Rita and Noel Martin

  3. May God be with you and Catherinanne as you heal from this trauma. Concussion healing cannot be rushed. My prayers are with you as they were even when I didn’t know what had happened to you. I just found out thru Vicky’s EfM note. Sending lots of love and prayers, and healing energy. Tricia

  4. My dear friends prayers for both of you. As one who is thrice concussed ( 7 & 31 March, ¹15 and 23 July, ¹17) I totally appreciate what you are going through and urge you to remain diligent about the no screens, no books, etc. I did not get that message until a 10 days after my first concussion, I had been driving, reading, doing screen time, etc. and I have permanent deficits because of it. Once I was under the care of Mickey Gurbin a specialist in closed head injury/brain trauma at our local health centre I began total rest but much damage had been done, most of it irreversible. I really owe a huge debt of gratitude to Tanya+ who pulled me aside at Bishop Townshend¹s funeral and told me to seek medical attention. Being of the old school, you got up dusted yourself off and got back in the saddle I was soldiering on, albeit not well, and delaying any recovery. If you are taking phone calls I would love to talk to you. In the meantime be patient, I know that¹s a tough one but your long term health depends on that. Please give my love to Saint Catherineanne, she will earn her halo keeping you in line. Happy Epiphany. Love, steph or as I am known at St. James, Stratford Plummeting Postulant I and the deacons chair did a back flip off of the chancel on Sunday July 23rd, concussing myself and gaining the name ³Plummeting Postulant². Take care dear friend.

    From: It’s Just Kevin’s Corner Reply-To: It’s Just Kevin’s Corner Date: Friday, January 5, 2018 at 8:39 PM To: Stephanie Donaldson Subject: [New post] Concussion Canon Kevin posted: “Dear Friends. This past week I took a fall while skating, and suffered a concussion. I was wearing a helmet. I have been under the tender loving care of “Nurse” Catherinanne. I am grateful for the quick action and support of our Parish Nurse, Pat Ferg”

  5. Dear Kevin, you and the Saint are in my prayers. As I too was once the frog, you have my heartfelt sympathy! It cannot be said enough – be a model patient, don’t push it, take the time to heal now – it will buy you healthy time later. Otherwise it can be a rollercoaster of “doing ok/bad again”, and there’s nothing good about that.

  6. Our thoughts and prayers are also with you, Kevin, and Catherinanne. Slowing down… stopping… isn’t an easy thing to do. Gentle hugs. Jacquie & John

  7. Hoping you will soon be feeling much better!

    Best wishes from Windsor!

    Kelly Brewer


  8. Percy and I send our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery -p please take care and rest. You both are in our prayers. Don’t worry about “sick leave”!!!!!

    L:ove to you both – God’s Peace Love and Joy

    Percy and Sue

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