Advent 1 – Why Not Wake up this Morning

Today was the first Sunday of Advent. St Aidan’s had a great celebration. The children did a wonderful job of building the Advent Wreath with our Celebrant today – Greg Smith.

Today I invited us to take some time to reflect on the “Greening Power of God.” Hildegard of Bingen wrote a great deal about vertitidis. 

In his book Hildegard of Bingen: A Saint for Our Times, Matthew Fox writes;

In Hildegard’s view of things, “all creation” is active. It isn’t passive—not just sitting there, not enduring in a mode of “couchpotatoitis.” Quite the opposite. All creation is awakened and called. It boasts a calling, a vocation, a reason for being, an invitation to participate and make things happen. This is true of stones and rocks, of trees and animals, of birds and sun and moon. And it’s surely true of humans. We are called to “co-create,” to live out our awakening, our calling, our greening power, our creativity and verdancy.

My sermon today was a call to become aware of what God is doing, in nature/creation, in our built environment, in our church community and in ourselves. It was a call to wake up to the Incarnation.

Here is the audio













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