We Need One Another 

We need one anotherIt takes time to grow to a maturity of the heart. … Little by little, as we live and work with others, especially if we are well-guided, we learn to break out of the shell of selfishness and self-centredness where we seek to be brilliant and to prove our goodness, wisdom and power. We receive and give the knocks of life. We all have to discover that there are others like us who have gifts and needs; no one of us is the centre of the world. We are a small but important part in our universe. We all have a part to play. We need one another.    ~ Jean Vanier, Becoming Human, pp. 58-59

Maturity of heart; that’s a gift we certainly need to pray for. Sadly I think sometimes in the church, there is a lot of insecurity. Too many of us needing to be brilliant. Too many of us needing to prove our goodness! Too many of us needing to prove our wisdom! Too many of us needing to exert our power. Into this reality, God’s Spirit does it’s level best. God is able to accomplish anything, under any circumstances. But is it really necessary for us to put our own self centeredness in God’s way? 
God has given much to the world in each and everyone of us. That is hard for some to accept. Sometimes we see ourselves as the center, forgetting that it is God who resides at the center. Vanier hits the nail square on the head in the words above.

I really believe that one of the biggest challenges the leadership of the church faces is – growing mature hearts. Little by little, it can be done. We can break free from our self focused mindset to accept that ‘We all have a part to play!’ Little by little we can come to realize that ‘We need one another!’ 

Sadly many see themselves as God’s ONE gift to the church forgetting that we are ALL ‘small but important parts of the universe.’ 

There is an ordination tonight in the Diocese Huron. I do hope that part of what we pray for, for these new leaders in the church, is what Vanier refers to as ‘maturity of heart.’ I pray that all who lead in the church may know what valued members they are in the Body of Christ. I pray that, as many members of one body, all who lead may know their unique gift and role. I pray that in bringing those gifts that those who are raised up not need to diminish another’s gift in order to offer their own. I pray that all who are raised up, know and understand that they need not prove themselves – they just need to BE themselves. Each of us is A gift – not the THE gift to the church. 

This post from Vanier, received this morning via email, is timely for me. I needed to read it. I pray it may be useful for others in churchland as well. I pray that we understand and embrace the fact that we need one another! We cannot do this alone! 


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