My Walk to Jerusalem – Part 7

Today my walk to Jerusalem took a decidedly different turn. The road looked remarkably like a suburban mall. Amazing how the path looked very much like ceramic tile!!

I had to do some waiting, so I decided to get my 5 km in by doing laps at the upper level of Westmount Mall. It was dry and it was warm; to warm in fact.
I learned that the lighter winter boots are not designed for walking indoors. Too warm, and a cause for blisters…. Ouch.

In any event – I was most grateful for a day of walking without a windchill.

As I made my laps, there were two senior couples standing chatting at the top of the escalator. I could not help but notice that each time I passed them (plus 10 times) their aging faces were full of joy. These two couples had not seen each other fora bit – coming into one another’s company was clearly a cause of great comfort and delight. They stood together for over 30 minutes. The last time I passed them they were sharing warm handshakes and hugs. “It was such a good surprise to see you today.” Philosopher Martin Buber insisted “When … people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.” I was fortunate to witness that electricity every 400 paces for half and hour. Real joy and real delight are gifts that are fruits of relationships, of friendships, and the work we put into them. God is made alive in the electricity between us when we are with others.

Nowadays most of us shop like treasure hunters..The one couple had a shopping bag. But I assure you whatever she was carrying in it, whatever she went in there to pick up, was not the treasure she carried out. The real treasure was rekindling a relationship, recalling moments lived, and laughing with ‘old friends.’

As I walked a little closer to the Holy City tonight, I was reminded of those people who have enriched my life and with whom I have many shared memories. I gave thanks to God as I walked for times of laughter and times when people have been with me in sorrow. Each person and each memory is a reminder of how God is most present in our relationships.

Tonight I am thankful for people who join me on the journey…. Like Catherinanne ~~~ she joined me for the last lap!

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”
― Helen Keller


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  1. Hello Kevin:
    Thanks for the succinct reminder of the importance of relationships. Fine quotation by Martin Buber…….


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