Cold, Cold, Cold Road to Jerusalem – Part 6

Tonight was one of those face stinging nights for a walk. That said – it was gorgeous. The sky was clear, nothing was falling, and the crisp and cold sounds of winter were good company.

My walk tonight came after a day of faith, fellowship, and imposition of Ashes. It was a great day and the half hour to pray and walk, as the day closed, was a gift. With my head tilted so far down this evening I was less aware of what was around me, Although I did discover a route that took me around a couple of streets not far from home that I did not know existed until tonight. It occurred to me that the Journey Toward Easter – Lent –  may also be replete with roads that are near to me, as yet unexplored, and they may call me to examine the possibilities these paths have to offer. Perhaps we all need to take notice of the journeys that we could make with people very close to us – each day.

It was good to walk tonight after a couple of celebrations of Ash Wednesday – clear air, clear thoughts, and a clear number of days ahead to challenge myself to come closer to God.

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2 thoughts on “Cold, Cold, Cold Road to Jerusalem – Part 6

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  1. Hi Kevin,
    How many kilometres have you made so far? The zeal of the Lord is your strength. Remain blessed as you journey on the road to Jerusalem.

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