Today’s mediation form the Henri Nouwen Society is a call to tell the story of Jesus;

 The Church is called to announce the Good News of Jesus to all people and all nations.  Besides the many works of mercy by which the Church must make Jesus’ love visible, it must also joyfully announce the great mystery of God’s salvation through the life, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  The story of Jesus is to be proclaimed and celebrated.  Some will hear and rejoice, some will remain indifferent, some will become hostile.  The story of Jesus will not always be accepted, but it must be told.

 We who know the story and try to live it out, have the joyful task of telling it to others.  When our words rise from hearts full of love and gratitude, they will bear fruit, whether we can see this or not.


Today is the feast day for St. Willibrord. This Celtic Saint from Northumbria, travelled to Frisia, now roughly Friesland, to tell the story of Jesus. So successful was he at telling that story that there is still a strong tie between the See of Utrecht and the Church of England today.

As surely as Willibrord was called to tell the story of Jesus, so are we. As surely as Henri Nouwen felt called to tell the story of Jesus, so are we. Perhaps we are called to go places and declare to others who Jesus is. Or perhaps we are not required us to go any further than our home, our friends, our families, our coworkers, our fellow parishioners, our neighbours, well you get the idea.

We know the story and me must try to live it out! Let our words rise from hearts full of love and gratitude – and let us tell the story of Jesus in word, and in deeds.