Last week I blogged about the fact that I have gained some weight in the past fifteen years.  Of all of the things I have blogged about this article which was for the Tecumseh Tribune (Local Community paper can be read by clicking here), this particular article received a great deal of feedback.  I was blown away by the comments of letters of support that I received from many of you encouraging me to work hard and keep committed because you believe in me to do what I need to do to get the weight off.

Much of what I wrote was ‘tongue-in-check’ about the church being the cause of weight gain for young men and women. The serious part of what I wrote was about my resolve to change how I live in order to reclaim my health. I am uncertain as to whether or not I will be successful or if I have the determination to do it or not, but I am heartened by your letters of support. In the meantime, I have decided to set some goals in order to reclaim my health while at the same time helping others.

On June 11 there is a 5 km run here in Windsor called the “MOON IN JUNE RACE” to raise money for W.E. Care for Kids Foundation. I will begin training next week to join that run and raise money in support of organizations here in Windsor Essex that serves children. That is correct; I will be running 5 kilometres. This of course will be a big challenge for me as I need to begin to get fit in order to do this.

One of the organizations that benefits from the W. E. Care for Kids Foundation is the John McGivney Children’s Center. Because the W.E. Care for Kids Foundation supports the JMCC, I can prepare for this run knowing that I will be raising money to help the mission of a great place for children with disabilities that bears the name of one of St. Mark’s own – John McGivney.

This will not be easy. I have not run anywhere in years. But I believe that I can give this an honest try. I believe with a sense of determination I will get this done. For inspiration I have been reflecting on the words of Ghandi, “Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory.” I believe life bears strong witness to these words.  In life there are times that our goals seem far off or elusive. As we accomplish our goals in life we are often able to peer back and see the struggles and difficulties that have accompanied triumph and victory. So too it will be for me in this challenge. I am very much at a beginning and now I am getting set for the struggle. There will no doubt be difficult moments, but I will triumph. I will look to those children who have overcome so much with the help of people at the John McGivney Center to accomplish their goals. This will make the struggle of having to get fit seem small in comparison. The JMCC will be my inspiration.

I will have a sponsor sheet at church very soon.  If you would like to pledge and do not come to St. Mark’s, I will be taking your pledges via email as well. It is my prayer that this challenge will not only help me begin to try to get fit, but that our Church community will strongly support my participation in this event and in so doing, support the work of W.E. Care for Kids and by extension, the John McGivney Children’s  Center.

Stay tuned!

In the other category is this response so far:
complete the race, raise a bunch of money and then perhaps collapse