Good Day – Good Night!

Had a grea day today. Catherinanne did a great job leading the ceromonies for Battle of the Atlantic commemoration.  You can see the photos on the photo section.
I’m headed to bed soon…I will try to be up to hear my radio program on CBC – see the link under the lists if you want to listen as well. It airs at 6:40 AM EST that’s 8:10 AM in NL. If your up at 6:30 AM give me call – get me up.
Good night! 

2 thoughts on “Good Day – Good Night!

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  1. Kevin, how exactly did you get connected to the radio and doing the trivia?
    You do it well.  I have heard both weeks, I knew more answers this week as compared to last week.
    I am on the road already arriving almost at work when it comes on.  Don\’t have a cell to call you.
    Hope you were able to catch yourself.  Don\’t know why you would want to listen, I can\’t stand to hear my own voice recorded.  Eek!

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