Welcome Back Geoff and Margaret Dibbs

Well the parish is about to get classed up again! Yup – Our Honourary Assistant the Reverend Canon Geoff Dibbs and his beautiful wife Margaret are back with us for the next six months. This is not just good news for the parish, it is great news for me as Geoff is such a tremendous help. Geoff always reminds me that hoi arrival to us will bring some dignity back. If nothing else Wednesday morning Mass may begin on time again…or for that matter Sunday Morning Mass as well.


Margaret and Geoff had not had the easiest of winters. After Margaret fall, her recovery was slow but steady and we are pleased to say that she is doing very well. We have been praying for them since they left us in October and now we rejoice that they are with us.


Geoff is such a devout priest with great wisdom and integrity. I delight in his return because I know I will learn so much when he is here. I am delighted to have the Ministry Team at St. Mark’s back to full speed with Geoff’s return. Andrea, Jane and I along with Geoff will endeavour to do what we can to continue to grow t6his parish.   


Welcome back you two! We missed you and we rejoice in your return!

This is a photo from 7 years ago with our 8 o’clock organist Amanda Dibbs …Related? You bet! We’ll get a new photos today!



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  1. Glad you are both back safe and sound.  Hopefully we will get a chance to hear from you next Sunday?  Warm Regards, Ed Sears

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