Spiritual Choices

“Choices make the difference. Two people are in the same accident and severely wounded. They did not choose to be in the accident. It happened to them. But one of them chose to live the experience in bitterness, the other in gratitude. These choices radically influenced their lives and the lives of their families and friends. We have very little control over what happens in our lives, but we have a lot of control over how we integrate and remember what happens. It is precisely these spiritual choices that determine whether we live our lives with dignity.”

These wise words of Henri Nouwen are good advice for us. Let us all set out to make good choices. We do not get to choose what happens to us sometimes but we always get to choose our response. In my life I have been most impressed and I guess most influenced by those who have made remarkable choices in unbelievable circumstances.

My prayer today is that I might make good choices in my life no matter the circumstances.

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