A War, A wife, a Busy Church, and a Birthday!

The news from the Middle-East is devastating.  The need for diplomacy and peaceful discourse is tremendous in the face of escalating violence and aggression from all sides. In reading the news or watching the coverage one feels so much despair. I was reading some selected quotes of Elie Wiesel this morning and I cam across this one:  “Just as despair can come to one only from other human beings, hope, too, can be given to one only by other human beings.”  We need to look to people in our past and in the present who are strong agents for peace and who have a hopeful resolve. I pray, as the Christian Community is called to do, that there might be more hope, less fear and despair from the mid-east. I also read those words of Wiesel and I feel compelled to be more hope than despair in life. I think we can all fall into despair … many times we are led to it. I think we all need to work to focus on those who lead with light and hope to something more powerful and more profound.


We had a meeting last night of our Markus Group at the church. Great to have conversations on growth take place even during the summer months at the church. The energy in this place is good. So many other parishes are closing up shop for summer so to speak in scaling things back. We, on the other hand, have continued with church as usual. It is only appropriate given that God is not on vacation during the summer months.


It is great having Catherinanne home. This is the first bit of summer we have been able to enjoy together. It has felt pretty good the last couple of night barbequing and having dinner together. Feels almost normal to me. Last night we sat and watched a movie when I got home. We rented Dreamer – Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning. It is a Seabiscuit kind of story. We both enjoyed it. Dakota Fanning is a great young actress and makes good of all roles she plays. This is a good family story and really tells a story about the importance of being attentive t o family relationships. Watch it some time if you get a chance!


Today is Annette’s birthday. Annette is my Nephew Gary’s wife and mother to three beautiful girls, Leah, Andrea and Becky. From our home to yours happy birthday. You are in our thoughts and prayers today! We look forward to being with you next week.

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