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For Those in Peril on the Sea

The end of March for Newfoundlanders marks a sad centennial.  On march 30, 1914, Captain Westbury Kean sent 166 Newfoundland sealers over the side of his ship the SS Newfoundland to hit the ice floes, hunt seals, and walk the... Continue Reading →

HELP! There’s a Monster in my bedroom!

Welcome back! I have been off of blogging since just before Christmas.  As we would say in Newfoundland – “I was taking a spell.” I also took a two-week spell from my community as I visited my family in the... Continue Reading →

Those Who Refresh Others Will Themselves be Refreshed

The Star-Telegram of Forth Worth Texas had a story yesterday celebrating the 110th Anniversary of Air Conditioning. Not Kidding! On the hottest day of the year here in Southwestern Ontario we were all giving thanks to God and to Willis... Continue Reading →

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