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Ministry of Imagination

Today is the Third Sunday of Advent. Today's Sermon is focused on the Magnificat. The Text of today's Sermon  is below the photos from today - More or Less! The other day a friend and I were reminiscing about this... Continue Reading →

Eucharist is more than ‘A Piece of Cardboard and a Shot of Grape Juice’ Quoting one of their speakers, YC Newfoundland - a Youth Conference held this past weekend in my natal province, offered this gem on twitter. Coming from a Eucharistic and Sacramental Church, I found this to be just a little bit... Continue Reading →

Love is Larger Than the Walls Which Shut it in

It is unspeakable. The violence that we have watched on our screens in these past few weeks is heartbreaking and leaves us all bewildered and really at a loss for words. In the Middle East Israel and Palestine are warring.... Continue Reading →

Beyond Jealousy

Jealousy arises easily in our hearts. In the parable of the prodigal son, the elder son is jealous that his younger brother gets such a royal welcome even though he and his loose women swallowed up his father's property (Luke 15:30). ... Continue Reading →

Giving up Judgement

Lent allows us the opportunity to engage in an honest self-appraisal. We are afforded in Lent, both in time and space (through worship) to check in as it were with how we are doing in our quest to follow Jesus.... Continue Reading →

London Clericus – A Place of Grace

Today I was honoured to chair the Clericus Meeting for the Deanery if London. Ours is a large Deanery, with a total of 47 clergy on the roster. Looking around the table today at the 30+ clergy who came to... Continue Reading →

You are Beloved!

Sarah McGrath McKinley, our Student Minister at St. Aidan’s,  shared this quote of Edmund Lee on Facebook today: “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who... Continue Reading →

Do not Disturb – Closed for Religious Services

In a rare moment of weakness I ventured into the mall a few days ago. At a T-Shirt kiosk I saw a shirt with this logo on it....  Do not disturb! I'm disturbed enough already  I almost bought it, but... Continue Reading →

Is Facebook a Place for Consolation?

Every day I receive another email reflection from the Henri Nouwen Society. It is a great way for me to start my day. The words are often, if not always, useful and instructive. Consolation is a beautiful word. It means... Continue Reading →

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