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The Continual Love Song – A Face in a Crowd

I have been reading Francis Spufford’s Book Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity can Still Make Surprising Emotional Sense. While not for the delicate, this book is a convincing defence of Christianity and a rebuttal of not just Atheists like Richard... Continue Reading →

What I do is Me: For That I came.

Small pleasures are a gift of God’s giving. Learning to enjoy them is also a gift. Last Friday I was privileged to have part of an afternoon enjoying an appropriate adult beverage with a couple of our pastoral visitors from... Continue Reading →

Have We Begun to be Christians?

The great social activist and founder of The Catholic Worker Movement Dorothy Day once posited, “Have we even begun to be Christians?” It's a great question. When we consider questions about what we see in our world, our country ,... Continue Reading →

Beyond Jealousy

Jealousy arises easily in our hearts. In the parable of the prodigal son, the elder son is jealous that his younger brother gets such a royal welcome even though he and his loose women swallowed up his father's property (Luke 15:30). ... Continue Reading →

If Only the Church Were More Like a Barber Shop

Today I happened on an old picture from school days back in Newfoundland. It is a picture of me collecting my grade five diploma from Mr. Ed Penny. I am in a suit with a jacket a couple of sizes too... Continue Reading →

New is Scary… but … New is Life

Tonight I was re-reading Anne Lamott’s book Help Thanks Wow. These words jumped out at me.... If we stay where we are, where we're stuck, where we're comfortable and safe, we die there. We become like mushrooms, living in the... Continue Reading →

Gestures of Kindness

Sometimes the greatest resource of all can be a small gesture of kindness from someone who is poor. It is often a gentle look from someone who is vulnerable which relaxes us, touches our heart and reminds us of what... Continue Reading →

We are Prophets of a Future Not our Own

On this day in 1980, the Voice of the Voiceless, Archbishop Oscar Romero was gunned down and killed as he celebrated the Mass in a hospital chapel in El Salvador.  Romero was a man of great courage who knew that... Continue Reading →

Giving up Membership to Take up Mission

I have been spending some time these past few days reading Reggie McNeil's Missional Renaissance. It is a great book and should be reading for all who are in leadership positions in the church. The book is focused on calling... Continue Reading →

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