Tibbs’ Eve

I’m inviting you to come by St Aidan’s and partake of a Newfoundland tradition – 23 Dec from 1-4 pm. – THAT’s TODAY

With help from Doug Wilson-Hodge, I HAVE planned a Tibb’s eve drop in PARTY! There will be refreshments and snacks….and they are free.. we will also host the 12 Beers of Christmas Exchange.

Come for Tibb’s Eve. 1-4 pm

Or just the 12 Beers exchange. about 230 pm

Or both.

What is Tibbs Eve?

The tradition of Tibb’s Eve originates on the South Coast of Newfoundland
after World War II.  At the time, small outport communities were very religious and observed the Advent period as strictly and soberly as they did Lent
– ie, no libations, shall we say.  Tibb’s Eve, in some places appropriately also called Tipsy Eve, was a loosening of the restraint.

So it became a tradition for people to go to each others’ houses
the night before Christmas Eve, where they could ‘sample’ all the goodies
planned for Christmas.  Lighthearted and humourous,
it was a way to extend the season and tip a glass with your neighbours.

So if you have a glass of wine on the 23rd, know that you’re taking part of a time-honoured Newfoundland tradition! 

— this excerpt and More on Tibbs eve here …


About 2:30 pm, the 12 Beers of Christmas exchange will take place.  The idea is for you to bring 12 beers, wrapped separately.  Bring a mix of different beers.  You place them on the common table and take away 12 you did not bring. Each of the 12 days of Christmas you get to sample one of those beers you take away.

Let us know if you can come.  Pass it along… peace to all…

Peace.  Goodwill towards all, and cheers.

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