Me and Magnificat Mary

Magnificat Mary is having a tremendous impact on my Advent observance. My original post was a bit tongue in cheek, and a bit of a call to try and find another way to mark Advent as a season set apart from Christmas. My post offered an alternative to Elf on the Shelf. (You can read my original post by clicking here.)

Little did I know then the kind of impact my miniature Virgin Mary would have on my day-to-day activities.

I have made a point of carrying Magnificat Mary with me all day every day. If I set up at a coffee shop to do some work, she is on the table. If I meet someone at a restaurant or pub, she is on the table. If we are in prayers at church, she is on the table. If I’m traveling, she’s on the dash. Magnificat Mary has been with me everywhere I go. You can probably imagine that a grown man caring around a little statue, and publicly displaying it wherever he might be, could cause some conversation. And it has.

Magnificat Mary has opened many conversations over these past nine days. I have been told deeply personal stories about faith journeys. These revelations have been freely offered by people I did not know until they questioned why I’m caring around a miniature statue of the Virgin Mary. It has been remarkable. I have been asked to pray for those who are sick, those who are distressed, and those who are facing a Christmas for the first time after losing a loved one. I have learned more about others and I have learned more about me. So far, I have been told I am creative, crazy, wonderful, weird, thoughtful, strange, faithful and foolish. For the record, I appreciate all of those descriptors.

In church on Sunday, Magnificat Mary made the rounds during coffee hour. Many of the kids were quite excited to get their picture taken with her. She brought much joy, and many smiles to the people gathered at Saint Aidan’s this week. Earlier in the week she had opportunity to visit with Primate Fred Hiltz. She visited several restaurants, and the barbershop where she was the topic of much conversation. She took time out in the week to attend 8 pm vespers on Wednesday and she loved it so much she would like for you to join her this week. She studied the Bible at our Education for Ministry program. She hung Christmas greenery. She had several pots of tea with folks needing a chat. She went to the optometrist (her eyesight is great by the way). She has visited two hospitals, She has even been to the Apple Store to assist with an act of healing. She has been very active, and she has many great days ahead. So keep following #MagnificatMary of Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. If you see us, don’t be shy….. have your photo taken with her.

Here are a few shots of her first days of Advent

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