Reaching a Goal

As many of you know, in the middle of June I set out on a journey. My goal was to write 1000 km by August 27. That journey would figuratively take me from London Ontario, to Québec City Québec. I also set a goal of raising $7000 in support of Ministry to our children and youth.

While on vacation A week ago, Catherinanne and I rode past the 1000 km mark. I currently have reached past Quebec City, and am also just passed by a beautiful place called St Anne de Beaupre. Who knows how far I’ll get by August 27.

I had no idea what this experience would be when I began. At first it was very difficult. Every kilometre seemed arduous and painful. And time on the road felt long and lonely. But the Christian community is an incredible organism. The Rev. Judy Castle approached me at church, and offered to form a prayer support group for me. I gratefully accepted that offer, and a team of eight people have been praying for me daily as I have been riding. Thank you Sandy, Donna, Lydia, Maureen, Pat, Marque, Vicky, and Judy for your continuous and faithful support with prayers these past couple of months. Many more of you have also been praying for me on your own, and for those prayers I am exceedingly grateful.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am extroverted. I gain energy from being with people. So when many of you began to offer to ride along side of me, you really lifted my spirits. The loneliness of this endeavour melted away, and a real experience of community and communion replaced it. Your loving presence was the used giving rise to bread that is the body of Christ. Thank you Vicky and Bjarne, Pat, Ron, Morgan, JP, Doug and Fiona, Basel and Yazmin, Heather, Kate, Jack, Thomas, Bridget, Sue, Megan, Peter, Keith and of course, my smokin’ hot wife Catherinanne, for taking time to ride along in support. Hey special word of thanks here to my wife. She did get in a few bike rides with me, but more importantly she gave me her undying support. She encouraged me when I got low, and sacrificed time with me so I could ride. Thank you Catherinanne.

I have also met some incredible people along the way. While in Michigan just a couple of says ago we encountered these young football players…. the Petoskey Broncos…
Image-1 (2).jpg

They were washing cars (and bikes as luck would have it) to raise money for a teammate’s mother who that week was diagnosed with Cancer and could not afford the treatments.  They were thrilled to wash bikes and hear about my adventure and appreciated that a community for Canada would keep them all in prayer.

I had originally hoped to raise $5000. After about two weeks of writing, it was clear that support was good, and I altered that goal in hopes that I might reach the $7000 mark. As of the time of writing this blog, I am at $6000 in sponsorship! Thank you so much to the many who have sponsored to date, and I’ve shown your support for me, and for ministry to children and youth.

It is not too late to sponsor. I know many of you have told me you intend to sponsor, but I’ve not yet had the chance to do so. Some of you I’m sure, were wondering if I’d ever finish this… God knows I wondered myself when I began what I had gotten myself into. Well I’ve met the goal and it’s not too late to make a commitment and help me reach that $7000 goal. Click here to sponsor, or email me at

Once again — thanks for all your support


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