You’ll be Home Again

Last fall I was given the opportunity to take one night a week to do something that was not church related. What a gift it turned out to be. I decided to join a choir. I have never sung in a choir. My singing has been largely limited to church hymns and the Eucharistic prayers. I had a couple of events in Tecumseh, but it was really for fun, and no one took it too seriously if I sounded…. well… off! So taking up residence with the first tenors with the Valleyview Male Chorus was a real challenge for me, and it was one I needed.

Henry Boldt, and Kim Nikkel, who conduct our choir have been incredibly patient with me. Singing new music with over 40 men each week has been a very rich experience. I have made new friends, and I have become part of another community. Looking to Henry and Kim each week for direction, working hard to shape each note, to work in unison with my peers, to be lead was a real gift.

This past weekend we had our year end concert. I was honoured to have been asked by one of our leaders Ron MacRae to sing a solo on an East Coast piece entitle You’ll Be Home Again. While it is a Cape Breton piece, it is indeed reminiscent of Newfoundland and it was a privilege to sing it with fellow East Coaster Dave McEwan as well as with Upper Canadians Phil Walker and Ryan Glatch. I was O so nervous, when Saturday arrived. But somehow the song itself provided an antidote to my nerves.

“Close your eyes,
Dream a Dream and, maybe,
till you wake tomorrow morn,
You’ll be home again.”

Each time we sang that in rehearsal, I found myself travelling home to Newfoundland. I would… close my eyes… and I would be home again. Music has an unbelievable capacity to carry you away, at least it does me.

In any event, I got through my solo, and did not embarrass myself! I’m pleased a punch to share it here, along with one of the choral pieces as well.



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  1. We’re proud as punch of you Kevin. Your solo was lovely and the choir makes us think of the Men of the Deep. Bravo you😀

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