Reverse Advent Calendar

Believe it or not, Advent begins later this month! Who saw that coming? While it may have happened quicker than we thought, it is about to be upon us and  we might begin thinking about how we will live a Holy Advent this year. It becomes increasingly difficult in a consumer culture to remain focused on preparation, expectation, and waiting when the parallel consumer feast titled Christmas has begun in earnest by the end of October. Indeed, it would be fair to say that we could all be forgiven for being to exhausted to celebrate the Church Feast of Christmas by the time it arrives. By the time December 25th rolls around we will have consumed innumerable messages aimed at what we can acquire, what we can consume, and what we ought to buy.

In an attempt to focus our Advent on the season of expectation, of waiting, of penitence, of giving and sacrifice, St Aidan’s is encouraging our folks to take on an Advent Calendar. Most Advent calendars are designed to give a different little gift or chocolate for each day of the Advent Season. This Calendar works in reverse!   Instead of opening a new little gift each day in Advent, we have gift wrapped boxes, to which we add one item each day. This will also allow opportunity for a prayer of Thanksgiving and a prayer for those in need. By Christmas Eve we will have at least 50 gift wrapped boxes of food for the Daily bread Food bank to be delivered by Epiphany!

Hopefully by now you are asking, “How can I get a box?” Easy! Come to St Aidan’s on a Sunday Morning beginning this week (thanks to Sandi Burns) and we will have a box for you. If you are not a Sunday attender – come by the office on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday and we will hook you up. OR comment below that you will take a bix! Advent Begins on November 27 so be sure to get in before then. You live somewhere else other than London? Don’t let that stop you. There are Food banks in need all over the place. Get yourself a sturdy box, gift it a little Christmas Wrap… put it somewhere visible in your home… of you are an early Christmas Tree person – perhaps under the tree… when its complete take it to your local food bank or to a nearby faith community and they will see that it gets where it needs to go.

We have let the Folks at The Daily Bread Food bank know about our efforts and they have offered this list as a help in knowing what to add….

[suggested list — you may have other ideas too]

Pasta (But no Kraft Dinner Please)
Soups of all kinds
Canned Meats and Fishes
Canned Beans
some Gluten Free products are helpful
Rice – Brown and White
Bars of Soap

Sweet Potatoes

I am grateful to our Bishop, Linda Nicholls for posting this Meme on her Facebook page and inspiring this effort…
I look forward to seeing the church full of boxes of food for Christmas…



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