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November 2015

We Need One AnotherĀ 

We need one anotherIt takes time to grow to a maturity of the heart. ... Little by little, as we live and work with others, especially if we are well-guided, we learn to break out of the shell of selfishness... Continue Reading →

Advent 1 – Why Not Wake up this Morning

   Today was the first Sunday of Advent. St Aidan's had a great celebration. The children did a wonderful job of building the Advent Wreath with our Celebrant today - Greg Smith. Today I invited us to take some time... Continue Reading →

Philip Jakob Preaches the Reign of Christ

What a weekend we had! St Aidan's was fortunate to have world class liturgical animator Phil Jakob with us. Phil stayed with Catherinanne and I over the weekend as he came to town to lead a Mission for the Deanery... Continue Reading →

Scripture and Refugees

In the wake of the terror bombings in Paris last week there is much debate about Syrian Refugees. Unfortunately, much of the discourse is driven my misinformation and half-truths. When we see the kind of barbaric and senseless violence that... Continue Reading →

We MUST Pray!

How do I feel about the terror attacks in Paris? I have been asked a few times in the past couple of days. I have also had to contend with reading and digesting more than enough anger and hatred than... Continue Reading →

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