1waterYesterday we collected ourselves together for worship by bringing water from all over the world – literally. Stories were told of waters from Porto, to New Zealand, from Port Elgin, ON to the Glaciers of Norway [Ask Richard Gillam about his near death experience collecting water for our font]. It was a great time of worship, of celebration of the water and of making a start!

We are at that time of year when people come together again after long summers, — and we prepare to make the first steps together into a busy fall season and winter season with loads of church activity. “We must make start!”

We come together around a new effort to sponsor a refugee family from Syria. There is much to do to make this happen — but we had to make the first steps. We have raised $31 000 in one week. “We have made start!” Now we will assemble the rich people resources we have at St Aidan’s to make us people ready – “We must make start!”

We enjoyed a BBQ, we enjoyed one another’s company, we prayed, we sang, we celebrated, we remembered St Aidan, we journey together, we broke bread, we churched!

Many thanks to Greg Smith and our Worship Planning Team for your work and vision.

Here is the sermon – with remarks from John Davidson included.