Red Tape Challenge

This is an update on last week’s blog post.

After church on Sunday I was overwhelmed with the immediate and strong support. A number of you have come forward and committed $19 000 of the $27000/$30000 we will need to sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family. We are 2/3 of the way there in one week. That is tremendous. The People of God are good in this place. We are quickly at work to show that Mercy trumps Judgement.

We also have had a number of people step forward to become part of the Committee needed to make application and to do the work necessary for settlement when the time comes. Again – the People of God are awesome in this place. We are quickly at work to show that Mercy trumps Judgement.

The other great movement that has come to life is the #RedTapeChallenge. After church last Sunday John Davidson came to me and told me he had some thoughts for a grass roots idea. Something he would call the Red Tape Challenge. How it works? Well a donation is made to St Aidan’s or another place of worship working to bring Syrian Refugees to Canada, then tear up a very Canadian product, duct tape, on video and posted to social media if possible, as a call to the folks in Ottawa to cut through the red tape and speed up the process to help rescue these folks from the hell that they have been living in. Its a great moment when someone responds so immediately to a call for action in a sermon. We are quickly at work to show that Mercy trumps Judgement.

In the days ahead, you too can take the #RedTapeChallenge — here is John Davidson’s call to action followed by a couple of videos showing how you can participate.

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