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September 2015

“We Must Make Start”

Yesterday we collected ourselves together for worship by bringing water from all over the world - literally. Stories were told of waters from Porto, to New Zealand, from Port Elgin, ON to the Glaciers of Norway [Ask Richard Gillam about... Continue Reading →

Red Tape Challenge

This is an update on last week's blog post. After church on Sunday I was overwhelmed with the immediate and strong support. A number of you have come forward and committed $19 000 of the $27000/$30000 we will need to... Continue Reading →

Mercy Trumps Judgement

[As always, your comments, thoughts, and feedback would be most welcome]  A Sermon Dedicated to Alan Kurdi As the lifeless body is dead, so faith without actions is dead. Who among us was not deeply impacted by the image if... Continue Reading →

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