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May 2015

Elvis For The Streets

Last Fall The Deanery of London decided that coming together to support a Sacramental presence on the streets of our city is a priority. Currently, The Rev’d Matt Arguin is working on the streets of London. While he has other... Continue Reading →

Family IS …

I have tired of anemic and hackneyed sayings.  At least four or five times in the last week I have seen various iterations of this image circulating on social media.  I am trying to discern what the name of Joe... Continue Reading →

Mother – the Beginning of Our Story

It is hard for me to put into words how very grateful I am for my mother. Also hard to say how difficult it is that I cannot just pick up the phone and give her a call to try... Continue Reading →

Genoristy – that endlessly receiving we may endlessly give

Walter Brueggemann in his book Inscribing the Text  writes about Generosity On Generosity On our own, we conclude: there is not enough to go around we are going to run short of money of love of grades of publications of... Continue Reading →

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