Lent 4 – Fiery Serpents and A Healing Balm – Remembering Bob Townshend

IMG_0997 I was not scheduled to preach today. Life has a way of sometimes getting in the way of plans however and I found myself in the pulpit today – which is exactly where I needed to be. The Scheduled preacher was Andra O’Neill. Her Dad is Bishop Bob Townshend. On early Saturday morning Bob returned to his creator. Last night I spent some time prayerfully reflecting on the readings for Lent 4. It was a quiet and peaceful time along at the church. My prayers were with Pat, Mary, Andra and Patrick, Todd and Stacey – and for course with Grace, Lilly, Tyne, Seth and Samuel.  After a goodly amount of prayer and time of quiet – this is what I needed to share – enjoy! This Audio is from my remarks this morning – my apologies for the singing!

4 thoughts on “Lent 4 – Fiery Serpents and A Healing Balm – Remembering Bob Townshend

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  1. Kevin Mom, Panos and I listened to your sermon this evening. We could hear Uncle Bob’s voice in your stories. He would have thought this was another good sermon! A little balm for our souls. Thanks, Tracey

  2. What a lovely heartfelt tribute to your friend Bob and to your Lord (your back-up singers did a fine job as well)!

  3. Connie is my sister from Selkirk, MB, Kevin. I just finished listening to this morning’s sermon and I agree with Connie. Beautifully done!

  4. Thank you Kevin for welcoming me back to my home away from home at St. Aidan’s. My thoughts are prayers are with Todd and his family, and my friends there.

    Jane Shaw

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