Vestry 2015 – Jesus Wants You

Today was Vestry Sunday. My report focused on how we might all step up to respond to God’s call to us…
My Sermon was focussed on how we might be transformed by the Transfigured Jesus

Here is the audio of my Preaching

From My Vestry Report –
At a moment when right-wing Christianity is ascendant, when religion worldwide is rife with fundamentalist crusades and exclusionary ideology, I stumbled into a radically inclusive faith centered on sacraments and action. What I found wasn’t about angels or going to church or trying to be ‘good’ in a pious, idealized way. It wasn’t about arguing a doctrine… the Virgin birth, predestination, the sinfulness of homosexuality and divorce… or pledging blind allegiance to a denomination. I was, as the Prophet said, hungry and thirsting for righteousness. I found it at the eternal and material core of Christianity: body, blood, bread, wine, poured out freely, shared by all. I discovered a religion rooted in the most ordinary yet subversive practice: at a dinner table where everyone is welcome, where the despised and the outcasts are honored…And so I became a Christian. – Sara Miles

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  1. Sara Miles’ book was such a “clay jar allowing light to illumine the space.” We heard the best sermon I have ever heard preached on the transfiguration at Advent Episcopal in Sun City West. Thanks for your post, Kevin.

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