My Walk to Jerusalem – Part 4 – Lessons from Music


Tonight I listened to music on shuffle while I walked… It was helpful as I went almost double the distance tonight.

Here is what I learned… well some of it anyway

Black Velvet Band – The Irish Rovers:
I was reminded of my brother-in-law Gary who really can sing up a storm when he get’s ‘in the mood.’ I love it when he sings this song.

Lesson – Be very careful if you are courting – you may find yourself duped by a lovely “Colleen” and find yourself in trouble with the law. If you set out to not ‘stroll very far,’ STICK TO YOUR PLAN!

Being reminded of good times singing this with  family leaves me to say – I’m glad it was on my playlist.

Everything is Beautiful – Daniel O’Donnell:

This piece of music reminds me of my Dad as he listened to his Danny O’Donnell CD quite a bit.

“There is none so blind,
as he who will not see.
We must not close our eyes,
we must let our thoughts be free.”

Little wonder Dad loved this so much. “Under God’s heaven the world is going to find a way…..”

Lesson – At times we are blind because we we ‘will not’ see. We choose not to see the beauty in all those around us. Another Lesson — I miss my Dad – but the again I already know that… so I’m not sure that was a lesson.
I am glad this was on my playlist

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job – George Thorogood
Lesson – Sometimes people with long hair end up doing ok in life…. even better than their big brothers Bob. I would not know — For the record…. my big brother Bob is very industrious, has a respectable haircut that is a smidge shorter than mine! Also – He has a REAL job!  He also plays a mean air guitar – I am glad to have had this on my playlist.

We Belong – Pat Benatar
Catherinanne and I once say Pat Benatar at the Cleary in Windsor. I swear to you it was the loudest rock and roll concert I have every attended. She and her husband were a riot. Anyhow love this song of hers in particular…

We belong to the light
We belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words
We’ve both fallen under

Whatever we deny or embrace
For worse or for better
We belong, we belong
We belong together

Lesson – Sometimes relationships are complicated. Often we say things that we ought not to say to people we love. In the midst of commitment we are sometimes called to love in all manner life – the light, the thunder, the noise of our own voices, for better or worse – together we belong. Catherinanne LOVES this song – I love Catherinanne – it’s good that it was on the playlist!

Don’t Cry Joni – Conway Twitty

Joni was 15! She loved her neighbour Jimmy she delivered him a note

her plea…

Jimmy please say you’ll wait for me
I’ll grow up someday you’ll see
Saving all my kisses just for you
Signed with love forever true

His reply …?

Joni, Joni please don’t cry
You’ll forget me by and by
You’re just fifteen I’m twenty two
And Joni I just can’t wait for you

We are told that her teardrops fell like rain that day. A few years later Jimmy returns to ask Joni to marry him – declaring his love and how foolish he was to rebuff her…

Her reply to his proposal ….

Jimmy, Jimmy please don’t cry
You’ll forget me by and by
It’s been five years since you’ve been gone
Jimmy I married your best friend John


Lesson –  impatience can be very costly – we are told in fact that Jimmy’s teardrops fell like rain that day!

Also – listening to this gave me pause to pray for another brother – my eldest sibling James — he really loves Conway Twitty. I was glad it was on my play list.

Somewhere – Sean McCann
If you have not heard this lullaby written and sung by one of the former members of Great Big Sea you really need to download it – it’s magnificent.
Here are the lyrics:

 Hush now baby don’t you cry / Let no tear fall from your eyes
Too soon you’ll know / where tears come from and where they go

Somewhere a heart is breaking
A ship is lost at sea
A soul is been forsaken
People fighting to be free
Somewhere a star is falling
A bird afraid to fly
A lonesome lovers calling
So baby dry your eyes

If in darkness, you day begins / Find the light and let it in
You’re not alone / even so far away from home – Refrain 

Walking tonight under the cold night sky I was thankful for people like my mother, my sisters Helen and Elaine who were adults when I was an infant. Thankful for the nurture they gave to me.

Lesson – The song itself reminded me no matter what I face – I do not face it alone. Each day we seek light to let it in.

Was glad this song was on my play list.

Grey Foggy Day – Eddie Coffey
Now this is a Newfoundland song that may not be known to most of you. It is a ballad of a man missing his home on the Cape Shore of Newfoundland – funny how you can miss even fog. Tonight listening to this music I was reminded of how much I miss home at times. The song is a standard at dances at the community centers. It’s a two step. My brother Lloyd came to mind. He loves to dance the two-step to this song – and often with our sister-in-law Clara! They can really cut a rug.

Lesson – There is no place in London, Ontario to see two people tear up the floor like Lloyd and Clara do back home. It’s amazing the things you miss. They are not always big things – sometimes they are small but significant.
I am glad this was on my playlist.

Leader of the Band – Dan Folgleberg

I cannot hear this music without thinking of my other brother Darryl. My bother owned Dan Folgleberg’s Greatest Hits – At least I think that was the album — well actually it was a cassette – Do you remember those?  I really loved this song most of all from that album. I would ‘borrow’ that cassette from time to time…. loved the music.

The leader of the band is tired and his eyes are growing old
But his blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soul
My life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man
I’m just a living legacy to the leader of the band

I’m not sure why, but when I hear these words I think of the doxology we say in the Anglican Church.

Glory to God
Whose power working in us
can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.
Glory to God, from generation to generation
in the church and in Christ Jesus.

Lesson – This song really speaks to me about follow the great Leader of the Band. We are all making an attempt to imitate the One whose power can do more than we can ask or imagine… even through us… or perhaps I should sy especially through us – from one generation to another.

Plus the brass in the piece is awesome.
I am glad this song was on my play list.

I also learned that the rabbit down the road is not a fan of David Wilcox’s Riverboat Fantasy – ran straight across the street when she heard me and David Wilcox singing….

Can’t think, can’t drink
Anymore whisky
I could’a drunk a river dry
Mmmmm…this old boat she’s
Just sittin’ in the moonlight
Catchin’ the gleam in her eye….

Hard to see... but she is there... Bugsie
Hard to see… but she is there… Bugsie

Of course there were plenty more songs…. but that’s enough learnin’ for one night!

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but greatly appreciated …
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4 thoughts on “My Walk to Jerusalem – Part 4 – Lessons from Music

Add yours

    1. Enjoyed your musical interpretations. One of my favourites from my playlist, Brooks and Dunn “Its Getting Better All The Time”. Life is not always pretty, and even very ugly at times but the one verse from this song rings true every time for me. “I think I’m gunna make it, cause God won’t make a mountain I can’t climb” I feel His power each and every
      time I hear that verse. 😎

  1. I am Katherine Keeling’s sister from St. Andrews, MB. I join her as she accompanies you on your walks…kind of a family outing if you will. It’s a pleasure to spend time with both of you. 🙂

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