My Walk to Jerusalem – Part 1


A few days ago I set out to walk to Jerusalem! It will take me till Easter Sunday to get there – but I will get there. I left on February 6 and have been waling 2.5 km per day because if I keep that pace from here in Capernaum in The Galilee I will reach Jerusalem 194 kms from here. I left a day late… so I will have to pick up the 2.5 kms I lost along the way.

What’s that you say? I am not in Capernaum? Well – technically no. But my good friend Canon Sue Paulton issued the invitation on Facebook for people to join her on this symbolic journey and it was right in my wheelhouse. I needed to add exercise to my routine. It is after all what the doctor, parish nurse, and everyone else have ordered. Adding a little exercise to each day, along with time for contemplation of course, as set me into a prayerful space a little ahead of Lent this year – and for that I am most grateful. If you want to join me and Sue and others on our walk to Jerusalem, please do so. Post a note on this blog or on my Facebook page our St Aidan’s Facebook page. It will be a great Lenten discipline.

Canon Sue with Yours Truly (A am wearing a Stole that Sue made… It is a great stole for a walk to Jerusalem

People like Sue Paulton are a great inspiration. She is a faithful priest who is always striving to find ways to engage people around her to be healthier spiritually and holistically. I am most grateful to Sue, for our friendship over the years, and for setting me off on this journey. We may not see each other as often as we used to… but her prayerful support is with me daily.

Sue suggested in her social media invite that perhaps we might post pictures of what we noticed on our walk. Well the first think I noticed tonight was a sign that I drive by every day, several times a day. It’s the sign for a Long Term Care residence in my neighbourhood. – It’s name? PeopleCare! Perhaps my eyes were drawn to it this evening because as I walked and prayed I was so very aware of how grateful I am for people like Sue who care for others. People like my Doctor Tracey, our Parish Nurse Pat…. and the list goes on …. People Care. Thank God for those in the caring professions.image

Think of those who have cared for you…. offer thanks. Let them know.

I will endeavour to let you know how my walk to Jerusalem is going from time to time on this blog. Stay tuned.

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  1. I will be walking too. It will be on my treadmill cause we have too much ice for me to walk outside! Don’t want anymore broken bones! I am a little behind but I will catch up! Thank you for this challenge. Elaine

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