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February 2015

Lent 1 – We Enter the Wilderness

I do love the season of Lent. Today our community gathered around the Word and heard the call to journey into our own wilderness and seek to find God tending to us a people 'signed with the sign of the... Continue Reading →

My Walk to Jerusalem – Part 7

Today my walk to Jerusalem took a decidedly different turn. The road looked remarkably like a suburban mall. Amazing how the path looked very much like ceramic tile!! I had to do some waiting, so I decided to get my... Continue Reading →

Cold, Cold, Cold Road to Jerusalem – Part 6

Tonight was one of those face stinging nights for a walk. That said - it was gorgeous. The sky was clear, nothing was falling, and the crisp and cold sounds of winter were good company. My walk tonight came after a... Continue Reading →

My Walk to Jerusalem – Part 5 – Learning to Linger

These past couple of evenings have been bitterly cold - which stalled my walk to Jerusalem. But I got back on the trail this morning doubled up. It is still a little on the cool side - but very beautiful... Continue Reading →

Vestry 2015 – Jesus Wants You

Today was Vestry Sunday. My report focused on how we might all step up to respond to God's call to us... My Sermon was focussed on how we might be transformed by the Transfigured Jesus - Here is the audio of... Continue Reading →

Gaining Traction

A couple of days ago I was stuck between the driveway at St. Aidans church offices, and Oxford St., West at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. It was not pleasant. Spinning my wheels as I tried to edge forward or... Continue Reading →

Samba Kinda Mamba

As the London Jazz Orchestra played Samba Kinda Mamba they jumped to their feet! They stepped to the open space on the front floor the theatre and began dancing. It was a dance event – no matter. They clearly have... Continue Reading →

My Walk to Jerusalem – Part 4 – Lessons from Music

Tonight I listened to music on shuffle while I walked... It was helpful as I went almost double the distance tonight. Here is what I learned... well some of it anyway Black Velvet Band – The Irish Rovers: I was... Continue Reading →

My Walk to Jerusalem – Part 3

My walk ‘to Jerusalem’ continues. I have taken a little different route each evening so that I might see something different on each walk. Last night my route was a bit of a dud as far as sights goes. The... Continue Reading →

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