Looking for a Good Book…?

Last Tuesday our monthly Clerics met at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Many thanks to Rita Harrison for making preparations for us, for your thoughtful commemoration of Hilary, and for the hospitality throughout the day.

Checking in after the New Year we shared what we have been readings, or what we have read lately…. it produced a great reading list so I thought – let’s share it…at least as I was best able to note it down

Keeping the Sabbath Wholly – Marva J Dawn

Back to School George
Back to School George

The Holy Trinity in the Life of the Church – Khaled Anatolios

Sabbath as Resistance – Walter Brueggemann

Exclusion and Embrace – Moroslav Volf

Making Room – Christine Pohl

Map of Heaven – Eben Alexander

Our Church – Roger Scruton

The Cloud of Unknowing – Evelyn Underhill

Mercy – Cardinal Walter Kasper

Take This bread – Sara Miles

The Naked Jesus – John Kasimir O’Keefe

Did God Kill Jesus – Tony Jones (Coming in April)

Learning to Walk in the Dark – Barbara Brown Taylor

Heaven and Hell – Reatha and Also MacPherson

Cooperating Parishes

The Once and Future King – TH White

Holy Listening – Guenther

Spirituality of Fundraising – Henri Nouwen  

The Women of the Bible – Ann Spangler

The Red Tent – Anita Diamant

How the Scots created Canada – Paul Cowan

Eternal Life a New Vision – Spong

All my Puny Sorrows – Toews

I am Malala  – Malala Yousafzai

Giving Blood – Len Sweet

Radical Gratitude – Mary Jo Leddy

The Inner Experience – Thomas Merton

Speaking My Truth  – Shelagh Rogers

One Life –  Scot McKnight

As well as some Blogs to look to…

Rachel Held Evans Blog

Tony Jones Blog


Facebook Liturgy Page

While I have hyperlinked the above to Amazon so you might find out more about these books, I would like to encourage you to phone Mark or Hilary at Oxford Book Shop to order these great reads while supporting a local business

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