Dear Santa …


Reading Time Magazine’s page a couple of days ago, I landed a piece in the Religion section about Atheists Billboards in major cities in America. Very Splashy, very creative…. but I wonder how effective these billboards are? Who is the target audience? I am interested to hear your thoughts and your opinions on this advert?
Does it offend you? Does it make you laugh?
Can this sort of advertising make a difference?
Are you sympathetic to to the message?
How might you respond to this message if you could speak with its creator?

5 thoughts on “Dear Santa …

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  1. Not familiar with this topic, but if that is a sample of other billboards, I’d say he or she or they have too much money to throw away and could find better use for it. Go get them, Kevin!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… Hettie

  2. After our first year of Efm (Education for ministry) at Advent Episcopal in Sun City West, the ad doesn’t shake me. My understanding of the Bible has been greatly stretched. I understand the word “myth” in a new way. So if myth has a new connotation, why not ‘fairy tale’? Some people find church ‘boring’ but I don’t. Perhaps atheists are merely folks who have not yet discovered the richness of community in Christ, nor stimulating church services.

  3. I would say “we are all entitled to our opinion but when it risks to offend others, we best keep our opinion to ourselves”

  4. Hi: I agree with the person above – use the money spent on a negative billboard like that to help people in need. What a waste! The person or persons who dreamed up that one needs to understand what real religion is all about – love, caring, sharing, and t he message that Jesus gave us -The Golden Rule XXOO

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