Keep Christ in Christmas!

I have grown increasingly tired of the ‘War on Christmas’ drivel that comes annually at this time. All of the social media posts and cute bumper stickers reminding us all to ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ are enough to really entice me to scream. The only war on Christmas is the one waged by people whose connection to Christianity is so tenuous that they are threatened by store clerks saying ‘Happy Holidays’ to them as they tap their PayPass or insert their chip card in celebration of Baby Jesus. If my faith in Jesus and my understanding of the Christmas Season (which is yet 23 days away I hasten to add) is so shallow that I become insecure whenever someone offers me a greeting rooted in the expression ‘Happy Holy Days,’ perhaps it is time I re-evaluate my commitment to said faith.

Today I saw this Social Media Post that stoked the embers — (I have been chewing on all of this Merry Christmas debate for a little bit)

Christ in Christmas

I love this. Rather than getting all in a lather and spending time posting about catchy phrases and buzz lines like ‘Keep Christ in Christmas,’ how about we DO something. We have just begun Advent and have been reminded that the Christmas Season for which we prepare will be about a Light to dispel all darkness. We are reminded that we are to keep awake, and alert, and active. We are called to be light. So let’s forget about what someone else called the season that runs from December 24-January 6 and remember that for us it is Christmas and act as though we understand and know what that means. Let us show others why Christ is in Christmas. As we feed, clothe, forgive, welcome, care, and love, we will be keeping Christ in the season far moreso than we can with bumper-stickers and social media gobbledegook about how political correctness has robbed ‘us’ of our ability to celebrate ‘our’ holy season.

My friends, may your Advent season allow you time to keep alert for opportunities to show others what Christmas looks like.

It’s not about what we say …

What will we do?

Happy Holidays folks……

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  1. Loved it, thank you. dc

    From: Canon Kevin’s Corner Reply-To: Canon Kevin’s Corner Date: Monday, December 1, 2014 at 5:58 PM To: Stephanie Donaldson Subject: [New post] Keep Christ in Christmas! Canon Kevin posted: “I have grown increasing tired of the ‘War on Christmas’ drivel that comes annually at this time. All of the social media post and cute bumper stickers reminding us all to ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ are enough to really entice me to scream. The only war on”

  2. ‘Tis a very valid comment Kevin. ironically, some local K of C Councils have produced a colorful new lawn sign about keeping Christ in Christmas. I guess if you do nothing but put up a lawn sign and do not take further action then you are missing the point. Although, in this day and age when it is not popular to stick up for one’s faith, then I applaud those who will take a stand by displaying a Christmas lawn sign. Hopefully though, they do more than to post the sign. ( Atonement K of C have them available at $10.00 each with metal supports. )


    1. I hope everybody who spends 10 dollars on a sign, there’s also up there putting $10 in the pocket of somebody who really needs it as well. I hope that those who displayed are signs proudly, are more than aware that they are given all the freedom in the world to do so, and should work to do what they can to close, to feed, to nurture, to forgive, to heal… Well you get the point.

  3. I enjoy Advent, as you know, and Celebrate Christmas from Dec 24th through Jan 5th, BUT spend the year trying to provide any in need with the required things to thrive in their lives. There is so much need, I see it everyday; College students deciding to buy food or pay for a required school fee; supporting breakfast clubs at school; family members with mental illness; children in Scouting that can’t go to camp because of th $25 cost for a weekend; newcomers to Canada who have no family to support them. It breaks my heart not to be able to do more. If we all did what we could without looking fore reward our community would certainly be a better place. Very well said Kevin. Thank you for putting it into words.

  4. Given that we don’t actually know when Jesus was born, how about we skip all the “Christmas” stuff and work on the Christian stuff. I agree on the $10. The Mission can feed 3 people dinner for a little under $10 and, really, that has a way more positive impact on the world than some lawn sign. I agree that the bumper stickers and so on strongly suggest defensiveness and a lack of confidence in the belief system being touted. Not just Christmas, but many other Christian holidays, when I see obvious and in your face stuff like that, it bothers me because of the use of the money, and also because it reeks of fear and seems preachy (and causes me to feel that I’m being judged by some guy and/or his minivan). It seems that way to me at least and, no doubt, lots of people are angry at me right now. So, on a more positive note, anyone wanting to “do” something in Windsor, call the Downtown Mission and ask for Pamela– 300 plus homeless people just waiting for someone to be kind to them, and we have dozens of ways to do just that. BTW– I totally approve of rants.

    1. Excellent…. There is much that could be done that speaks far louder than ‘Christ in Christmas’ gewgaw. Totally agree on the fearful and preachy response that ‘in your face’ Christians use to get their message across….

      It’s about love and action…. Fear and slogans are of little use in the Reign of Christ

  5. This comment is from a reader who felt that my post was condescending and pompous ….she decided to email it to me rather than post it…. So in the interest of all voices being heard I thought I would post it for her…. Perhaps she may identify herself and expound further on why she feels this message is unkind ….

    Here it is…..

    “Father Kevin

    I fear I must insert a cautionary note.

    I do find it a tad condescending and pompous, that you choose to paint individuals who wish to keep the reason for the season front and centre, in such an unflattering manner. There are many good Christian people, who are sincere, feel passionately about this subject, and are also very much involved in doing what “The Just Grace Gospel Music Band” suggests is the way to keep Christ in Christmas.

    To dismiss them as losers or Christmas Christians or worse, (my words), seems mean spirited, and unkind . May I respectfully submit that this indictment bears much resemblance to the one leveled by those who say they do not attend church, because those who do attend, are a bunch of hypocrites.

    There is enough meanness out there, without contributing to it. Omniscient, we are not.

    Merry Christmas”

  6. Canon Kevin

    So you do read my email! I am delighted that you posted my comments. I am not one to shy away.

    It seems the rest of your readers agree or are reluctant to disagree with the world as you see it.

    Many are concerned about the hijacking of Christmas by those with dollar signs in their eyes … Christmas now begins at Halloween, don’t cha know. In a positive vein, it could be construed as a desire to extend the Christmas spirit of kindness and generosity further into the year and perhaps even year long. Many more celebrate Christmas now, even though they are not named Christians. Everyone loves the light(s) and happiness offered by the season, contrasted with the darkness and scarce sunlight we experience at this time of year. Who can say whether this is God’s way of moving them closer to Him.

    What we are doing when we judge those who in our eyes are, “threatened by store clerks saying ‘Happy Holidays’ to them as they tap their PayPass or insert their chip card in celebration of Baby Jesus”, is playing god and reading minds. We aren’t there yet.

    Merry Christmas

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