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December 2014

Christmas Work Has Just Begun

Today's Sermon - Preceded by the Gospel Reading CHRISTMAS 1 I’m not sure about anyone else here, but I feel like Christmas can be quite tiring. I can easily succumb to the temptation to say come Boxing Day – well... Continue Reading →

Christmas is Upon Us

We have just a few days now till the celebration of the Incarnation! We will have much to celebrate. As a people of God we will hold up to the world the very notion that peace and love are real... Continue Reading →

Let us be like Mary ……Ordinary!

What a day at St. Aidan's today. We celebrated the Fourth Sunday of Advent with a Christmas Pageant after the 10:30 Mass. It was Awesome. The children, their parents, and the teachers all did a wonderful job of preparing. It... Continue Reading →

Saying Good-Bye

Today is Rose Perry’s last day at the office as Parish Administrator for St. Aidan’s. For just a little more than two years now, Rose Perry has been our Parish Administrator. Rose joined us in 2012 in a time of... Continue Reading →

Dear Santa …

Reading Time Magazine's page a couple of days ago, I landed a piece in the Religion section about Atheists Billboards in major cities in America. Very Splashy, very creative.... but I wonder how effective these billboards are? Who is the... Continue Reading →

Ministry of Imagination

Today is the Third Sunday of Advent. Today's Sermon is focused on the Magnificat. The Text of today's Sermon  is below the photos from today - More or Less! The other day a friend and I were reminiscing about this... Continue Reading →

We are Social Creatures — Not Selfish – Not Self Serving

We are made for community. We are made for love. Have no doubt it is hard for us to hear that message; hard mostly because we are constantly inundated with messages of individualism.  We are sold a bill of goods... Continue Reading →

Keep Christ in Christmas!

I have grown increasingly tired of the 'War on Christmas' drivel that comes annually at this time. All of the social media posts and cute bumper stickers reminding us all to 'Keep Christ in Christmas' are enough to really entice... Continue Reading →

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