Love, Craftsmanship, Generosity

We are called to love one another.
What does that look like?

Here are two images –

First is posted on Facebook by my colleague in Ministry Lyndon Hutchinson-Housell:

10614224_10152431008152621_554288705980257964_n  The second image is from a book a book I am reading and are the words of Pope Fransis


So I want to hear from you. Leave a Comment is at the top of the post. Reading these two post – please discuss in the comments section — How does ‘How Much we love look to you?” How much labour is involved in that loving. ….


I want to hear from you

10 thoughts on “Love, Craftsmanship, Generosity

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  1. Love one another – what does that look like? “Allowing our hearts to be broken by the very thing that breaks the heart of God.” (Gregory Boyle “Tattoos on the Heart”) Knowing everyone we meet carries a great burden. Listen.

  2. I go along with Buddha – and Pope Francis makes it sound so difficult – and it’s not; love is easy…………..keep your heart and mind open to others – everyone has a story.

  3. I’m not so sure that love is easy Bettie – but I do agree with you that remembering that everyone has a story is a useful tool to help one focus on the need of another in that moment when one may feel a bit irritated with them!

  4. Wonderful post. It made me smile and gave me purpose. But please, could you ask pope Francis to stop using sexist language? Craftspeople, or artisans? anything but craftsman. It implies that only men can craft love. Just sayin’.

    1. and I wonder…. Can I just email Pope Francis….things seem to be opening up over there…. I reread the post using ARTISANS instead of craftsman…. it’s much better.

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