Eucharist is more than ‘A Piece of Cardboard and a Shot of Grape Juice’ Quoting one of their speakers, YC Newfoundland - a Youth Conference held this past weekend in my natal province, offered this gem on twitter. Coming from a Eucharistic and Sacramental Church, I found this to be just a little bit trite and slightly insulting. While I admit that I am quoting a tweet from a... Continue Reading →

The Continual Love Song – A Face in a Crowd

I have been reading Francis Spufford’s Book Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity can Still Make Surprising Emotional Sense. While not for the delicate, this book is a convincing defence of Christianity and a rebuttal of not just Atheists like Richard Dawkins, but also speaks in a powerfully clear manner about how Christianity makes sense in... Continue Reading →

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