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July 2014

Love is Larger Than the Walls Which Shut it in

It is unspeakable. The violence that we have watched on our screens in these past few weeks is heartbreaking and leaves us all bewildered and really at a loss for words. In the Middle East Israel and Palestine are warring.... Continue Reading →

Ask the Bees – They will Tell You!

In the Book of Job we read; But ask the animals, and they will teach you; the birds of the air, and they will tell you; ask the plants of the earth, and they will teach you; and the fish of the... Continue Reading →

The Righteous Gentiles

The Episcopal Church today marks the Feast of the Righteous Gentiles. On this day the church gives thanks for the life and witness of Raoul Wallenberg, Hiram Bingham IV, Carl Lutz, Chiune Sugihara, and André and Magda Trocmé. Wallenberg was... Continue Reading →

St. Swiffen – Pray for Us!

My father kept a daily journal for over 20 years that was primarily written to record the weather. Dad would note what kind of day it is/was. What was the high temperature, the low, was it raining, sunny, rain-drizzle-and-fog, snowfall... Continue Reading →

Beyond Jealousy

Jealousy arises easily in our hearts. In the parable of the prodigal son, the elder son is jealous that his younger brother gets such a royal welcome even though he and his loose women swallowed up his father's property (Luke 15:30). ... Continue Reading →

What do you see?

What we do see depends mainly on what we look for. ... In the same field the farmer will notice the crop, the geologists the fossils, botanists the flowers, artists the colouring, sportmen the cover for the game. Though we... Continue Reading →

If Only the Church Were More Like a Barber Shop

Today I happened on an old picture from school days back in Newfoundland. It is a picture of me collecting my grade five diploma from Mr. Ed Penny. I am in a suit with a jacket a couple of sizes too... Continue Reading →

New is Scary… but … New is Life

Tonight I was re-reading Anne Lamott’s book Help Thanks Wow. These words jumped out at me.... If we stay where we are, where we're stuck, where we're comfortable and safe, we die there. We become like mushrooms, living in the... Continue Reading →

In Memory of Becky and Andrea – Embracing Life that Remains

“We receive and we lose, and we must try to achieve gratitude; and with that gratitude to embrace with whole hearts, whatever of life that remains after the losses.” – Andre Dubus II Gratitude in the midst of loss is... Continue Reading →

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