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March 2014

“Judge a Man by his Questions Rather Than by his Answers.” ― Voltaire

Often Lent is portrayed as that time of wrestling with the devil. After all the season itself began with the story of Jesus himself being sent into the wilderness where he would struggle with the devil. We learn early on... Continue Reading →

Running out of Fuel

When I first got my drivers license 27 years ago and was driving my father's car it would perturb him to no end if I brought the vehicle back with less than half a tank of gas. You see, he... Continue Reading →

Do you Wear a Pointy Hat in Bed?

One of the books I am reading this Lent is Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander by Thomas Merton.  The book is a collection of insights and observations and reflections of Thomas Merton that he complied from notebooks he had kept... Continue Reading →

We Cannot be Alien to One Another

Sometimes moments of grace come in unexpected places. A couple of nights ago I was a local bookstore perusing books in the Religion section. Please, don’t roll your eyes – I know, I know – A priest in the religious... Continue Reading →

Powerful Medicine Indeed

Every Wednesday at St. Aidan's church we gather for a quiet celebration of Eucharist. We use each Wednesday as an opportunity to celebrate what we have called a Holy Days and Saints series. This time of prayer is always followed... Continue Reading →

Gestures of Kindness

Sometimes the greatest resource of all can be a small gesture of kindness from someone who is poor. It is often a gentle look from someone who is vulnerable which relaxes us, touches our heart and reminds us of what... Continue Reading →

A Foodie and His Grace

I have a confession to make ----- I love to eat. Those who know are all now writhing from this startling revelation. Well, alright – those who know realize that I am not revealing much of a secret about myself.... Continue Reading →

We are Prophets of a Future Not our Own

On this day in 1980, the Voice of the Voiceless, Archbishop Oscar Romero was gunned down and killed as he celebrated the Mass in a hospital chapel in El Salvador.  Romero was a man of great courage who knew that... Continue Reading →

CAUTION: Poison Envy

Starting on March 25 at 7 pm St. Aidan’s will host a Lenten Study entitled “Sinning Like a Christian.”  While the title might suggest a ‘how to’ guide, I assure that it is not. This four week study will carry... Continue Reading →

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