From Banana Belt to the Snow Belt

So when we moved to London last year one of our first big purchases was a snow blower. I was pretty proud to bring it home and fire it up. (Remember that night Stephen and Jessica?)


It was exciting for me. Knowing that London gets the great snowfalls that it does, I was going to be ready! After winters in Essex County figured I should get prepared because the ‘Banana Belt’ had made me soft when it comes to winter. Well I had a snow blower last winter, but I had little cause to use it. I convinced myself that was ok. “Better have a snow blower sitting in the garage with little use then wearing it out on big snowfalls like the ‘snowmageddon’ London got just a couple of winters before,” I told myself.  [Remember that few days folks? We visited from Essex County that week – thought we entered another land] While I did not want a snowmageddon, secretly, I must confess, I was disappointed not to get to use the snow blower much last winter. Well…..

Then, along comes the great month of November this year! When I heard that we would have snow last Sunday and that it was going to be 30 cms, I was a little excited that I was going to get to use the snow blower. Well, the forecaster promised and Mother Nature delivered.  It was a good old London, ‘lake-effect’ snowfall and boy – the snow blower got a real workout. We had over well over 30 cms in this part of the city. Then, of course, when city crews were able to get to us, we had the driveway ploughed in three separate times.  I came home today to see that the driveway was ploughed in again.  The crews are making ready for the 15-40 cms we are supposed to get from the ‘lake effect’ snow tonight. The good old Craftsman snow blower and I have become well acquainted.  So here is an update — the novelty has worn off the snow blower!!!!

In the interest of keeping everyone informed, I posted some photos of the piles of snow on Facebook.  Something about a big snowfall, especially the first one of the season, brings out the kid in us all I think. I wanted people to see our mess of snow and see what we were doing. These pictures garnered some interest. But some of the reaction from the south-west as downright cruel. My friends from Essex County were kind enough to share photos with me of their green lawns, clean driveways and sunny skies. I offer you exhibit A — one of these photos.

clean drive
My Friend Andrew’s Street – Windsor

It was almost as if they wanted me to remember the days when a decent shovel was enough equipment to deal with the best winter had to throw at us. Those were the days! It was one of those great light-hearted moments when I knew we were loved. It was neat trading photos of the VAST difference between two cities, just a couple of hours apart. Last year, the mild winter lulled me into forgetting that I now live in the snow belt when I used to live in the banana belt. (Honestly, I can’t imagine any better place in this country to live if you are looking for good weather than Windsor-Essex) All that being said, its not the first time I have encountered snow – not by a long shot. I saw enough snow the one winter I lived in Labrador City to do me for the rest of my life.

So it may be milder elsewhere, but I am here. God is good. I am content knowing that we do live in Canada. Snow is a part of winter and we all have to deal with it. As I noted in a previous post, if this is the worse we deal with, we have it pretty good compared to what many suffer because of extreme weather. So, I won’t fret about it too much. I will simply carry on cleaning out driveways. I clean mine, the neighbours, and I’ll try to remember that I really wanted to use this blasted thing…. and in the meantime and I will pray for those poor folks to the south-west of us who have no snow yet. After all, to quote John Steinbeck, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

My Street – London

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  1. When it is a good solid snowfall like that, it’s almost as beautiful as spring and for many of the same reasons. Snow or no….. Churchill or Vancouver…. Tampa or New York City, we are still very, very lucky. My statement from years ago still stands, though. “There are two things a man should NEVER say — one is: I am not paying $800 for a #$% snowblower! The other is — I do.”

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