Snowstorms Provoke Prayer

This morning most of us woke up to a fresh blanket of snow. Nearly a foot has fallen in this part of the city of London, and while it looks pretty it has created a mess for many drivers and many people across the region. I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is not my favourite weather. Carl Reiner once quipped, “A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” I think that sums up my feelings about this weather perfectly.

Shortly, I will head out into this frozen mess. I will clean off the car and push some snow aside and head off to church. My hope and prayer is that the snowplow has made its way to St. Aidan’s Church and cleaned things up for those who are brave enough to weather the storm this morning. It is not a very pretty morning in London Ontario. And I’m sure that will cause many people to stay home, particularly our seniors. I suspect our celebration of the Feast of Christ the King will be a little less fulsome on this snowy Sunday morning. My best advice to people is to stay safe, and take all the precautions necessary if you are heading out today. I will be at church to welcome those who can make it.

Shortly, I will go outside grumbling and complaining about this weather. It strikes me that complaint about this snow is really a bit much. I will have to challenge myself to do better. Yes it is cold! Yes there is a foot of snow! Yes I have to shovel! Yes Canadians love to talk weather! But it is after all, just ‘the unnecessary freezing of water.’ While, I will be able to clear away the snow, and drive to my warm church, I am deeply cognizant of the fact that many people across our globe have lost everything to serious and real severe weather. So I have decided that rather than complaining while I clean up this mess, I will pray. I will pray for those who have suffered because of accidents across our region in the last couple of days due to the inclement weather. I will pray for the family of the 42 year old woman who died as a result of a car crash in our city yesterday. I will pray for the safety of the crews who are on the roads across our region in order to try and make the roads safer for you and for me. I will pray for those whose lives have been changed forever in places like the Philippines and across the American Midwest by devastating weather events. I will give thanks for strength to clean up the snow. I will pray for the safety of all who will endeavour to drive this morning to the respective places of worship.

I am headed outside to pray…


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  1. Just finished shoveling the walk and clearing the car. More hot coffee, shower and then off to St. Anne’s, Port Franks. Thinking that it will be a ‘greasy’ drive. The drive back to St. John’s for thew 10am should be better. Hoping to make it to your town this afternoon, tickets for the Vienna Boys Choir at St. Paul’s. Stay safe. dc

    From: Canon Kevin’s Corner Reply-To: Canon Kevin’s Corner Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 11:37:37 +0000 To: Stephanie Donaldson Subject: [New post] Snowstorms Provoke Prayer Canon Kevin posted: “This morning most of us woke up to a fresh blanket of snow. Nearly a foot has fallen in this part of the city of London, and while it looks pretty it has created a mess for many drivers and many people across the region. I don’t know about the rest of yo”

  2. Thanks Kevin. Yes indeed we need to pray for all who have lost everything to the terrible weather around the world. We are fortunate as we live in a condo and our wonderful people clear the white stuff. Have heard a few plows out front so when we head out to Church to get the coffee set up for today, hopefully the drive will be an easy one. Take care.

    1. It is pretty nasty out there… If you do venture out be very very careful the roads are very snow-covered many of the side streets still have over a foot of snow on them… Proceed with great caution

    1. Are you sure you as soon as I get back to my trusted and warm nest… I will be pouring rum. I hope nobody ventures out into this today. City has now advised everyone to stay at home unless absolutely necessary

  3. This discussion seems surreal here in the balmy south (Windsor). Nary a drop of precip or a flake of snow….. Further proof that this is the best place in the world to live. I am thankful.

  4. Kevin, what the forecast for tomorrow I’m supposed to drive from balmy Tecumseh to London for a meeting.

  5. Seeing all of this snow is so picturesque, so enjoyable to read about and see in pictures. But it is too smug to make such comments from the sunny desert of Arizona. My prayers for safe travel of all who are on the roads, especially my friends in SW Ontario.

  6. We are enjoying the sunshine and balmy weather here in South Florida. Sorry that you have to shovel the snow – don’t miss that part of our previous life. Stay warm and we will pray for your safe travel on the streets in London.
    Uncle Jim

  7. I was able to continue my job keeping London International Airport travelling public safe. I awoke at 2:00am Sunday morning to make sure that I wasn’t late for my 4:45am start time. I left my driveway in Byron at 3:15am, had a nice chat with God on my 20km drive and arrived safe and sound at London International at 4:17am! Thanks be to God and front wheel drive. Monday, however, was a whole different story! Is there a special prayer for snowplough operators that block the end of your driveway with a wall of ice and snow?

    1. I know the feeling Wendy – I cleaned three driveways (with snowblower) and came back to find all three snowed in again ….. Ploughman has a job to do … Back out for an hour earlier tonight to do them again

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